Agent bank
  American option
  Assets under custody
  Assets under administration
  Assured payment system
  At call
  BIS Model 3
  Back office
  Bank Identifier Code
  Bankers' acceptance
  Barrier option
  Base currency
  Basis points
  Basis swap
  Bearer bond security
  Beneficial interest
  Beneficial owner
  Beneficial ownership
  Beneficiary of securities
  Bid-offer spread
  Bid and ask
  Bid price
  Bid rate
  Bilateral netting
  Black-Scholes model
  Book-entry system
  Book entry
  Call option
  Cash Financing
  Cash Financing - Collateral Management
  Cash Financing - Other Cash Financing
  Cash Financing - Overdraft Facilities
  Cash Financing - Overdraft Reporting
  Cash Management
  Cash Management - Cash Equitisation
  Cash Management - Cash Forecasting Tools
  Cash Management - Cash Netting
  Cash Management - Cash Pooling
  Cash Management - Cash Sweep Service
  Cash Management - Competitive Rate Reporting
  Cash Management - Direct Access to Domestic Currency Clearing
  Cash Management - Interest on Idle Balances
  Cash Management - Multi-currency Accounts
  Cash Management - Off-balance-sheet Cash Products
  Cash correspondents
  Cash deposit risk
  Cash market
  Cash memorandum accounts
  Cash pooling
  Cash sweep
  Central counterparty
  Central securities depository
  Clean price
  Cleared date
  Cleared funds
  Clearing - Clearing Services
  Clearing - Collateral Management
  Clearing - Derivatives Clearing
  Clearing - Equity Finance
  Clearing - Other Cash Financing
  Clearing - Overdraft Facilities
  Clearing - Overdraft Reporting
  Clearing house
  Clearing system
  Client Servicing
  Client Servicing - Flexible Service Team Arrangements
  Client Servicing - Measure Own Service Delivery
  Client Servicing - Measure Sub-custody Service
  Client Servicing - Proactive New Business Transition
  Client Servicing - Reporting Against Standards
  Client Servicing - Service Standards Specified
  Client Servicing - Standards Contractually Binding
  Commingled investment
  Communication - Electronic Cash Instruction
  Communication - Electronic Securities Instruction
  Communication - via Dedicated Line
  Communication - via Internet
  Communication - via SWIFT
  Communication - via Workstation
  Continuous linked settlement
  Corporate Actions
  Corporate Actions - Automated Processing
  Corporate Actions - Class Actions
  Corporate Actions - Classification of Events
  Corporate Actions - Contractual Corporate Actions
  Corporate Actions - Mandatory Events
  Corporate Actions - Multiple Data Sources
  Corporate Actions - Online Announcements
  Corporate Actions - Online Instructions
  Corporate Actions - Pre-matching of Entitlements
  Corporate Actions - Proactive Investigation
  Corporate Actions - Proactive Market Claims
  Corporate Actions - Proactive Stance with Issuers
  Corporate Actions - Proactive Sub-custodian Data Feed
  Corporate Actions - Voluntary Events
  Coupon rate
  Credit derivative
  Credit rating
  Credit rating agencies
  Credit risk
  Credit spread
  Cross-border settlement
  Custody-only link
  DTC eligibility
  Daylight credit
  Daylight exposure
  Daylight overdraft
  Debit balance
  Delivery versus payment
  Depository Trust Company
  Differential swap
  Direct participation program
  Directed trust
  Discount instruments
  Discount note
  Discount rate
  Disposal agent
  Domestic fund
  Domestic settlement
  Double tax treaty
  Double taxation
  Electronic Delivery Instruction
  Electronic Funds Transfer
  Embedded option
  Euro Interbank Offered Rate
  European option
  Exchange-traded funds
  Exchange-traded option
  Exercise price
  Exotic option
  Expiry date
  Face value
  Fail float
  Failed transaction
  Fair market value
  Custody Fees
  Custody Fees - Composite Fee
  Custody Fees - Unbundled Pricing
  Final transfer
  Finality risk
  Financial futures
  Firm bid
  Firm offer
  First In, First Out
  Forced settlement
  Foreign Exchange
  Foreign Exchange - Automated FX
  Foreign Exchange - Building functionality for CLS Support
  Foreign Exchange - CLS Support
  Foreign Exchange - Competitive Rate Reporting
  Foreign Exchange - Contractual Settlement
  Foreign Exchange - FX Advisory
  Foreign Exchange - FX Execution
  Foreign Exchange - Online Instructions
  Foreign Exchange - Online Rates
  Foreign currency option
  Foreign currency swap
  Foreign exchange swap
  Forward Rate Agreement
  Forward discount
  Forward foreign exchange contract
  Forward forward
  Forward market
  Forward premium
  Forward price
  Forward rate
  Front office
  Fund services
  Going long
  Going short
  Gross settlement system
  Herstatt risk
  High-yield bond
  Income Processing
  Income Processing - Contractual Income
  Income Processing - Pre-advice
  Income Processing - Pre-notification
  Income Processing - Proactive Market Claims
  Industry Standardization for Institutional Trade Communications
  Instruments Safekept
  Instruments Safekept - Bonds
  Instruments Safekept - Derivatives
  Instruments Safekept - Equities
  Instruments Safekept - Hedge Funds
  Instruments Safekept - Money Market Instruments
  Instruments Safekept - Mutual Funds
  Interest-bearing instruments
  Interest rate swap
  Internal rate of return
  Internal settlement
  International Securities Identification Number
  International central securities depository
  International fund
  Intraday credit
  Inverted yield curve
  Investment trust
  Irrevocable transfer
  Issuing agent
  Junk bond
  Legal ownership
  Legal transfer
  Lisbon Agenda
  Listed investments
  Local custodian
  London Interbank Offered Rate
  Long-dated swap
  Loss sharing agreement
  Loss sharing pools
  Mandatory corporate action
  Market Information
  Market Information - Market Analysis
  Market Information - Market Intelligence
  Market Information - Market Risk
  Market Information - Market Tax Information
  Master Custody
  Master Custody - Consolidated Reporting
  Master Custody - Master Trust
  Master Custody - Pension Pooling
  Master Custody - Prime Custodian
  Master Custody - Proactive Reconciliation across Multiple Managers
  Mid-market price
  Missing instruction
  Multilateral netting
  Negative yield curve
  Nominal value
  Offer rate
  Omnibus account
  Omnibus customer account
  Out of the money
  Outsourcing - Managed Account Administration
  Outsourcing - Outsourcing Solutions
  Over the counter
  Par value
  Pareto's Principle
  Paying agent
  Plain vanilla
  Position netting
  Post trade processing
  Pre-matching process
  Pre Settlement
  Pre Settlement - Asset Allocation
  Pre Settlement - Matching
  Pre Settlement - Pre-reconciliation
  Pre Settlement - Proactive Commission Recapture
  Pre Settlement - Trade Execution
  Pre Settlement - Trading Efficiency Analysis
  Pre Settlement - Transition Management
  Prime brokerage
  Principal risk
  Private placement
  Proprietary account
  Provisional transfer
  Proxy Voting
  Proxy Voting - Integration with Voting Agencies
  Proxy Voting - Online Announcements
  Proxy Voting - Online Instructions
  Proxy Voting - Online Results
  Proxy Voting - Proxy Voting
  Proxy Voting - Standing Instructions
  Put option
  Real time
  Receive free
  Replacement cost risk
  Reporting - Compliance Monitoring
  Reporting - Daily Performance Reporting
  Reporting - Multi-currency Reporting
  Reporting - Online Reporting
  Reporting - Performance Measurement & Attribution
  Reporting - Performance Risk Analysis
  Reporting - Real-time Access to Cash Transactions
  Reporting - Real-time Access to Securities Transactions
  Reporting - Tailored Reporting
  Reporting - Trading Efficiency Analysis
  Repurchase agreement
  Custody Risk
  Custody Risk - Depository Risk Management
  Custody Risk - Indemnity for Own Loss
  Custody Risk - Indemnity for Sub-custodian Loss
  Custody Risk - Own Credit Risk
  Custody Risk - Own Service Risk
  Custody Risk - Sub-custody Insolvency
  Custody Risk - Sub-custody Service Risk
  Rolling settlement
  Same day funds
  Securities Financing
  Securities Financing - Automated Program
  Securities Financing - Collateral Management
  Securities Financing - Collateral Reinvestment
  Securities Financing - Collateral Risk
  Securities Financing - Collateral Safekeeping
  Securities Financing - Equity Finance
  Securities Financing - Exclusive Lending
  Securities Financing - Fairness Algorithm
  Securities Financing - Securities Lending
  Securities Financing - Stock Lending Auctions
  Securities Financing - Value Approach
  Securities Financing - Volume Approach
  Securities Lending
  Securities Lending - Automated Program
  Securities Lending - Collateral Management
  Securities Lending - Collateral Reinvestment
  Securities Lending - Collateral Risk
  Securities Lending - Collateral Safekeeping
  Securities Lending - Equity Finance
  Securities Lending - Exclusive Lending
  Securities Lending - Fairness Algorithm
  Securities Lending - Securities Lending
  Securities Lending - Stock Lending Auctions
  Securities Lending - Value Approach
  Securities Lending - Volume Approach
  Securities borrowing and lending programme
  Securities depository
  Securities services
  Securities settlement system
  Settlement - Actual Settlement Date Accounting
  Settlement - Contractual Settlement
  Settlement - Failed Trade Reporting
  Settlement - Fails Management
  Settlement - Proactive Market Claims
  Settlement - Report Counterparty Exposure
  Settlement cycle
  Settlement date
  Settlement risk
  Short selling
  Spot market
  Spot price
  Spread to governments
  Spread to treasury
  Stable net asset value
  Strike price
  Sweep account
  T-bill rate
  Tax Services
  Tax Services - Contractual Tax Reclaims
  Tax Services - Exception Reporting vs Standards
  Tax Services - Market Tax Information
  Tax Services - Tax Claims - reclaim or at source
  Tax Services - Tax Relief at Source
  Taxable equivalent income
  Taxable equivalent yield
  Time value of money
  Total return
  Trade-for-trade settlement
  Trade date
  Trade matching
  Unit investment trusts
  Unit trust
  Valuations - Client's Own Pricing Source
  Valuations - Daily Valuations
  Valuations - FX Swaps Independently Valued
  Valuations - Forwards Independently Valued
  Valuations - Fund of Hedge Fund Valuations
  Valuations - Futures Independently Valued
  Valuations - Hedge Fund Valuations
  Valuations - Interest Rate Swaps Independently Valued
  Valuations - Intra-day Valuations
  Valuations - Multiple Pricing Sources
  Valuations - Multiple Share Class
  Valuations - NAV Reports to Client's Schedule
  Valuations - Options Independently Valued
  Valuations - Real-time Valuations
  Volume insensitive
  Volume sensitive
  When issued
  Withholding tax
  Working capital
  Yield to maturity
  Net credit or net debit position
  Global custodian
  Global fund
  Net present value
  Custody risk
  Custody services
  Net settlement
  Net settlement position

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