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Run for the hills? Nope.

Blain's Morning Porridge "Summer Breeze makes me feel fine… blowing thru the jasmine on my mind..! No Sailing today. Black Skies and blowing a hoolie out there later. Wonder how climate activist Greta Thunberg is doing sailing through it… Run for the hills..? Nope. How much more horrible does...
Doesn't feel good

View from the Bond Market, by Chris Iggo, CIO Fixed Income, AXA Investment Managers Bond yields only go lower Dragging below 0 percent Long-end action Never mind rates, what about credit? Higher yield means more credit risk Unknown unknowns Boost demand Winning with kids Summary – Bond yields...
So much noise out there

Bill Blain's Morning Porridge.. So much noise out there this morning! Someone must have told Trump his electoral chances would not be enhanced by a miserable Christmas on Main Street USA, so he held back some selected consumer good tariffs till December. Effectively this confirms a stark reality...
We've been tangoed

Blain's Morning Porridge "I'm going down to Yasgur's farm, gonna join me a rock and roll band.…" Global Credibility Under Pressure – We've been Tangoed! This morning's headlines are screaming how Argentina and President Mauricio Macri have precipitated yet another crisis on the...
Will the UK economy slip into recession?

The country was in peril

BNY Mellon appoints Daniel Tenengauzer Head of Markets Strategy & Insights

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