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Mint - Blain's Late Morning Porridge There were plants and birds and rocks and things, there was sand and hills and rings.. The Morning Porridge is unrestricted market commentary freely available to all investors on an unsolicited basis. It is not investment research.  An interesting evening's play...
NN IP appoints Lewis Jones

NN Investment Partners (NN IP) reports the appointment of Lewis Jones as Lead Portfolio Manager Emerging Market Debt (EMD) Local Currency strategies.  Jones will be responsible for the day-to-day portfolio management activities of all EMD local currency portfolios. Jones is based in New York and...
CACEIS shakes up Private Equity division

CACEIS has recruited Bruno Bourbonnaud, former Global Head of the Financial Institution sector of CACIB, Crédit Agricole's Investment Banking arm. Bourbonnaud is brought on as Global Head of CACEIS's Private Equity, Real Estate and Securitisation division, and joins the group's Executive Committee....
No BofE hike till May

Wth the Bank of England meeting coming up on Thursday March 22, Kjersti Haugland, Chief Economist at DNB Bank, predicts that the BoE won't adjust its monetary policy and is likely to hint at a rate hike at the May Inflation Report meeting. Her thinking can be summarized as follows: BoE is not...
Why UK-focussed stocks look their cheapest in a decade 

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