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Avenir Technology About Avenir Technology Contact Avenir Technology  
Burgiss About Burgiss    
Fidessa About Fidessa    
Global Equities About Global Equities    
MYRIAD Group Technologies Limited About MYRIAD Group Technologies Limited    
SS&C Technologies About SS&C Technologies    

4SIGHT FINANCIAL SOFTWARE About 4Sight Financial Software Ltd    
ACT FINANCIAL SYSTEMS About ACT Financial Systems Limited    
AIM SOFTWARE About AIM Software    
ADVANCED BANKING SOLUTIONS About Advanced Banking Solutions Limited - Custody Software    
ANVIL SOFTWARE About Anvil Software Ltd    
ARCHWAY About Archway    
BARRINGTON PARTNERS About Barrington Partners    
BELLIN TREASURY SERVICES About Bellin Treasury Services Ltd.    
BREWIN CONSULTING About Brewin Consulting Limited    
BULL About Bull    
CGI GROUP About CGI Group Inc.    
CAPITAL MARKETS CONSULTING About Capital Markets Consulting    
COMMUNICATOR About Communicator Inc    
CONSORT SECURITIES SYSTEMS About Consort Securities Systems Limited    
CORPORATE CONSULTING SVCS About Corporate Consulting Services    
DENSITY TECHNOLOGIES About Density Technologies    
DIGIA About Digia Plc    
ESPOC About eSpoc    
EFLOW UK About eflow UK Limited    
ELIXIUM About Elixium    
ENTERPRISE IRON About Enterprise Iron, Financial Industry Solutions, Inc.    
FIRESTAR SOFTWARE About FireStar Software    
FUNDCOUNT About FundCount    
HYLA CORPORATION About Hyla Corporation    
ICM ELECTRONIC BANKING About ICM Electronic Banking Services    
IRRC About Investor Responsibility Research Center    
INFORMATION MOSAIC About Information Mosaic    
INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES About Infosys Technologies    
INTEGRATED DECISION SYSTEMS About Integrated Decision Systems    
INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES About Interactive Technologies    
INVESTIA About Investia Ltd    
L.D. CONSULTING NV About L.D. Consulting NV    
LEXUS CONSULTING About Lexus Consulting Inc    
MARCO POLO NETWORK About Marco Polo Network, Ltd.    
MELSTAR UK About Melstar Information Technology Limited    
METAMATRIX About MetaMatrix    
MILES SOFTWARE PVT. About Miles Software Pvt. Ltd.    
MISYS About Misys    
MWH About mwh    
N-TIER SECURITIES About N-Tier Securities    
OPEN INFORMATION SYSTEMS About Open Information Systems    
ORACLE About Oracle    
ORBITECH SOLUTIONS About OrbiTech Solutions Limited    
PROMPT IT CONSULTING About Prompt IT Consulting Ltd    
SAM BUSINESS SYSTEMS About SAM Business Systems    
SAFE FINANCIALS About Safe Financials Limited    
SMARSH FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY About Smarsh Financial Technology    
SMONIK SYSTEMS About Smonik Systems LLC    
STATPRO About StatPro    
STERLING SOFTWARE GMBH About Sterling Software GmbH    
TK DELTA SYSTEMS BV About TK Delta Systems BV    
TIMESTEN About TimesTen, Inc.    
TRANSFER SOLUTIONS About Transfer Solutions Inc.    
VENUS INTERNET About Venus Internet Ltd.    
WILLIAM JAMES & ASSOCIATES About William James & Associates Limited    
WIPRO About Wipro    
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