Open Information Systems
Open Information Systems (OIS) provides Internet based reporting and transaction initiation to financial institutions for all securities and cash services through their Information Manager System. OIS provides end-to-end support for its installations in all areas of commercial banking including cash, custody, trust accounting, commercial paper and debt. They provide encryption, authentication and multi-level entitlements using a variety of tools that depend on your institutions security requirements and regulatory issues. Information Manager is customized to meeting the branding and standards requirements for each individual client.

All OIS applications are multi-currency, Year 2000 certified, fully documented and have been installed in the most discriminating banks in the world.
Services offered
Information Manager distinguishes itself as the fastest application available in the area of electronic delivery for commercial banking transactions and information. Information Manager provides a functionally rich interface that can be used by external clients or internal operations staff. It also provides multiple delivery options with increasing levels of flexibility that allow the system to meet the needs of the individual users.
Information Manager provides flexible solutions that allow the end user to either use a standard set of bank-provided reports or to create their own with an easy to use tool or the ability to either key enter, import to a local application or file transfer directly to the bank transactions in their own format. Clients can download files and receive reports in HTML, Java or through the use of a plug-in, which provide capabilities for report customization such as sort, filter and drag & drop. The system allows the largest customer to open their largest report in a few seconds or import and transmit last minute transactions in time to meet a window deadline.

Information Manager also supports communication interfaces to settlement companies such as the DTC and to direct issuers. All applications are supported from a standard application set and kept up to date with the latest technology.