Market Facilitators
Market Facilitators acts as an international partnership of market experts. A Market Facilitator is an independent agent with a good knowledge of selected markets. The facilitator acts in a way that all the gaps that hamper an smooth flow of the market processes are solved. In doing so, the Facilitator works with all the incunvent parties in the solutions of those gaps. We provide advise primarily to the institutional investors, their agents and/or any other entities involved in executing and/or promoting investment flows, either, inflows or outflows and or market developments that make the beneficiaries markets appealing for further investment and grow.
Services offered
The Market Facilitator shall perform regular analysis in some market segments, in order to unveal areas that need attention or to provide strategic information to those potential investors interested in the market. Our core services for Global Institutional Investors are intended to hold their hands through their intricacies of the investment processes in emerging markets.

Busines Visits Advice. To make the most out of your field visits.
Issue Resolution. Facilitate the resolution of issues acting on your behalf with different agents in the marketplace.
Agents Management Support. From selection to interim revisions.
Information. Special, periodical reports. By subscription .
Consulting Solutions. Tailored, depending on specific needs, either locally or internationally.