Leland International, LLC Global Consulting
The experts at Leland International have over 25 years experience on the client side - including senior financial responsibility for several high profile foundations and one of the world's largest most globally diverse pension funds - and 30 years experience in banking - encompassing day to day work flow as well as team coordination of institutional mergers, systems conversions and government reporting integration. These years provide unmatched hands on experience and knowledge that can only come from actually working in operations through complete business cycles.
Services offered
Global consulting services in the areas of:
1. Custody relationship evaluation & due diligence,
2. Back office/operations evaluation & recommendation,
3. Record keeping/accounting evaluation & revision,
4. Software review & recommendation,
5. Outsourcing feasibility studies,
6. RFP preparation for all of the above,
7. Work flow analysis and staff evaluation,
8. Procedural and training manual preparation.
** Other special projects tailored to your needs.
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