Investia Ltd
Based in London and California, Investia is a financial services solutions company supplying fund companies, fund distributors & third party administrators with software and services.
Investia's technology solutions address the challenges facing companies involved in fund distribution & administration. For fund companies, distributors & their third party transfer agents, Investia delivers a web-based fund processing system that integrates the entire investing experience - from the customer through to back office operations. Front, back & middle office demarcations disappear and are replaced by one system that combines trading, settlement & record-keeping.
In July 1999, Villanova Capital, the asset management subsidiary of Nationwide Financial Services Inc of the USA, who also own UK based asset manager Gartmore, acquired a minority stake in Investia.
In April 2000, Investia formed the $20m FundsHub joint venture with JPMorgan to provide outsourced fund supermarket solutions in Europe.
Services offered
2 solutions:
Javelin Enterprise - Investia's flagship product & a complete fund processing system that replaces legacy environments in fund companies, fund distributors & their third party administrators to deliver a complete fund processing engine that supports retail fund distribution.
Javelin Connect - The customer-facing transaction engine of Javelin Enterprise that gives fund companies & administrators a series of intuitive views of data in their legacy fund processing systems that can be delivered to any desktop with internet access – in the branch, in the call centre or in the field.