• BIS Model 2

    One of three common structural approaches, or models, for linking delivery and payment in a securities settlement system (identified by the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems of the Bank for International Settlements). Model 2 denotes Gross Settlements of Securities Transfers Followed by Net Settlement of Funds Transfers. These systems that settle securities transfer instructions on a trade-for-trade (gross) basis, with final transfer of securities from the seller to the buyer (delivery) occurring throughout the processing cycle, but settle funds transfer instructions on a net basis, with final transfer of funds from the buyer to the seller (payment) occurring at the end of the processing cycle. The securities settlement system maintains securities accounts for participants, but funds accounts are usually held by another entity (often a commercial bank or the central bank). Securities are transferred by book-entry, such transfers being final at the instant the entries are made on the securities settlement system's books. The corresponding funds transfers are irrevocable, but not final. During the processing cycle, the system calculates running balances of funds debits and credits, the balance being settled at the end of the processing cycle when the net debit and net credit positions are posted on the books of the commercial bank or central bank that maintains the funds accounts. Settlement of funds accounts may occur once a day or several times a day.

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