Focus 3 - Innovative Network Management Solutions
Just as the need to keep pace with increasingly complex securities markets has increased, so has the difficulty in finding the expert advice and support needed to help organisations maintain a competitive position.

Focus 3 can give your organisation the edge by providing expertise in the interpretation of new
securities market developments, selection and management of key external service providers (whether
Agent Banks, Custodians or Exchanges) and performance of market and product due diligence. We offer support to financial institutions intent on creating a more efficient network of external service providers.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements confident in the knowledge that we can provide a full range of services from specific market or product analysis to the complete insourcing of Network Management.
Services offered
- Collection, validation and administration of Agent Bank details.
- Implementation of service levels and ongoing performance management.
- STP analysis and repair.-
- New market entry and analysis.-
- Exchange and Clearing House membership analysis and due diligence.
- Agent Bank search and select including on-site due diligence.
- Management, analysis and allocation of Clearance and Handling expense.
- Product specific guides by market.