Ethos Advisors
Ethos Advisors is a Munich-based management consultancy company specialising in the securities and derivatives sector. The partners, managers and consultants at Ethos Advisors have gathered many years of experience with international consultancy companies and financial services providers.

The Ethos Advisors corporate culture is based on its employees' aptitude and their proven track records. We believe good management to be about finding the right people for every situation and using their expertise to the full.

Our highly qualified consultants and interim managers rise to the increasingly complex challenges of managing projects and businesses. Because sustainable success rests on making efficient use of all the available resources.

The success of a project is expressed in terms of whether its targets are achieved. The value added that is generated by Ethos Advisors consultations comes from the fact that we focus heavily on our clients' individual needs. We make sure the clients' employees remain interested in the project and the process models used in the long term so that the project can be seamlessly integrated into the day-to-day business.

We also have much experience in developing the models further in partnership with the client when their requirements change. This integrated working relationship draws on the skills and experience of the client's staff and combines them with Ethos Advisors consultancy tools. This allows us to establish lasting business relations based on mutual trust.

Our clients focus on running their day-to-day business activities while we work with them to plan how to further develop their business model before implementing it and taking it to the production or project completion stage.