Process objective
Ensure timely and accurate messaging between parties

Process requirements
Service providers should operate in a highly-automated environment - with their clients/investment managers and their sub-custodian network.  The communication mechanism should, where practicable, be electronic communication of cash and securities information - from the client's systems (and/or those of the client's investment managers) to the custodian - which may be directly over a dedicated line, via the SWIFT network or via the Internet.  Other practices include entry of information via a Workstation supplied by the custodian.  Use of fax or telex should be avoided.  Attention should be paid to the communication mechanism being secure.

All messages must adopt recognized industry standards to avoid causing delays, errors and costs.  The format should follow a proprietary standard (such as those specified by SWIFT, ISITC and FIX) and use recognized asset numbering conventions (eg.  SEDOL, ISIN, CUSIP) and industry-standard reference codes.


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