BNP Paribas Securities Services
BNP Paribas Securities Services is a leading provider of securities services and investment operations solutions to issuers, financial institutions and institutional investors worldwide. We service more than 900 institutional clients across the world. Our presence spans all the main European financial centres, as well as Australasia and the United States.

Following the merger of BNP and Paribas, the Group established BNP Paribas Securities Services in 2001, a wholly owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas Group SA. As part of the Asset Management and Services (AMS) business line, BNP Paribas Securities Services is the asset servicing division of the BNP Paribas Group. We are solely and entirely dedicated to providing securities services.

Our mission is to be the premier European securities services provider for the world's financial institutions. BNP Paribas Securities Services offers clients the twin benefits of global perspective and on-the-ground local coverage. We have 31 offices across 22 countries and provide a full range of securities services through our direct and remote local operations in 14 proprietary centres.

In major financial centres, we cover the complete asset servicing cycle to enable our clients to focus on their core asset gathering and allocation efforts.

We focus on providing the highest quality global offering to support our clients' ambitions and strategies. Through our expertise in local regulatory, tax and market infrastructures, we facilitate our clients' expansion into new markets and products. Across Europe, we are widely represented in industry associations and have close links with all the domestic authorities. This means we can quickly adapt our service and develop new products in response to new regulations and local market opportunities.

Our clients can have full confidence in our financial strength and stability as we have group ratings of Aa1 by Moody, AA+ by S&P and AA by Fitch. The rating of AA+ by Standard & Poor's puts BNP Paribas among the top 4 strongest banks in the world. In addition, as the other three banks (Rabobank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo) do not possess a custody business, BNP Paribas is uniquely the best rated (credit wise) global custodian in the world.

Our clients can therefore take advantage of BNP Paribas' strong balance sheet for revenue enhancing services such as cash management and securities lending. Clients may also benefit from the financing and advisory services of complementary investment and banking services from one of the world's leading investment houses to create a broader strategic partnership.

Also, BNP Paribas is the first of the large European banking groups to meet Basel II requirements. This means we are authorised to use internal risk measurement methods in regulatory capital calculations.
Services offered
In major financial centres, we cover the complete asset servicing cycle to enable our clients to focus on their core asset gathering and allocation efforts. We provide a full range of services covering the entire investment cycle (from front-end to back-end):

Global fund services (GFS) offers support to fund management and distribution, provides risk solutions and enhances client marketing and investment decisions. Our range of services supports mainstream and alternative assets, including:
• Classic UCITS mutual funds
• Closed-end funds and investment trusts
• Complex intra and extra pooling and multi-manager structures
• Exchange traded funds
• Single hedge funds
• Funds of hedge funds
• OTC derivatives
• Private equity and property funds

Clearing, settlement and custody (CSC) provides transaction processing capabilities through our access to local markets. We are the leading provider of local clearing and custody solutions in Europe. With a 20-year track record of excellence and a client list of the world's premier broker-dealers and global custodians, our footprint across the European markets is unique.

Through our on-the-ground presence, we have unrivalled insight into the complexities of navigating Europe's markets. This enables us to help clients maximise their European trading and investment strategies. Our offering for broker-dealers, banks and other financial institutions includes clearing and settlement related services, local and global custody, cash services and back-office outsourcing.

Global liquidity services (GLS) provides automated and opportunity based services to maximise clients' portfolio return. The scale and scope of client assets held and managed by BNP Paribas is amongst the largest and most heavily traded liquidity operations in the world.

We offer securities lending and borrowing as principal and agent, cash management, financing, treasury and foreign exchange, and collateral management for investment managers and financial institutions.

Global corporate trust (GCT) is a single point of support for both debt and equity issuers and related services for arrangers of internationally traded securities.

Our offering includes shareholder services, shareholder meeting management, employee share and stock option plans, corporate trust, securitisation and advisory services for corporates and securities issuers.