3CF - Consultants in Finance
Our approach

3CF gives a professional service to respond to the specific needs of financials actors. The service is completely adapted to each clients. It is always conceived to be more specialized and less cost intensive than it would be if missions were to be realized internally by the clients.

Our team

Our partners have a real diversifiable experience in various financial fields including all the aspects of Corporate Finance, Private Equity and Capital Market.

Services offered
3CF has 3 business centers:
1.Financial Consulting
a.Outsourcing for financial institutions and related entities: 3CF participates in a very different projects (refinancing, internationalization, strategy, etc. ) for investment funds, venture capital, stock brokers, financial marketsÖ
b.Corporate Finance Advisory services
2.Financial Content
3CF realizes its contents on demand for institutions or media.
3.Financial Communication
It is mainly investment relation.