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Rank  Provider   Assets under Custody, worldwide
(in billion
US dollars)
Reference date

1 BNY Mellon 1
About BNY Mellon Contact BNY Mellon  
27900 Mar 31, 2014
2 J.P. Morgan
About J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services Contact J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services  
21000 Mar 31, 2014
3 State Street
20996 Mar 31, 2014
4 Citi
14700 Mar 31, 2014
5 BNP Paribas
About BNP Paribas Securities Services Contact BNP Paribas Securities Services View the web site for BNP Paribas Securities Services
9447 Jun 30, 2014
6 HSBC Securities Services
6210 Dec 31, 2013
Northern Trust
About Northern Trust Contact Northern Trust View the web site for Northern Trust
5753 Mar 31, 2014
Societe Generale
About Societe Generale Securities Services Contact Societe Generale Securities Services View the web site for Societe Generale Securities Services
5619 Sep 30, 2014
9 Brown Brothers Harriman
3800 Mar 31, 2014
About UBS AG Contact UBS AG View the web site for UBS AG
3438 Sep 30, 2014
11 SIX Securities Services
3247 Dec 31, 2013
About CACEIS Investor Services Contact CACEIS Investor Services View the web site for CACEIS Investor Services
3200 Dec 31, 2013

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Notes: The above table is based on data supplied to us by the service providers listed.  1 The figures reported comprise the assets of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, together with those of CIBC Mellon in Canada.
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